Relax in a New and Improved Bathroom

Relax in a New and Improved Bathroom

Upgrade your shower and vanity with a bathroom remodel in Sunrise, FL

The right bathroom remodel can turn your bathroom into an oasis like you'd see at a five-star hotel. Get in touch with Payless Kitchens Corp to work out the details. We'll ask you about what kind of design you want, which materials you prefer and how you want the floor layout to look.

We can:

  • Add custom wall tiling
  • Replace your tub with a shower
  • Repaint the room
  • Install new cabinets
  • Widen the bathroom

Call 954-363-1100 today to ask questions about your bathroom remodel in Sunrise, FL.

We install custom showers built to your specifications

The possibilities are endless when it comes to putting custom showers in your home. You can convert your tub-and-shower combo to a shower stall for a more sophisticated style.

No matter what you want, we can make it real. That includes frameless shower stalls, frosted doors and state-of-the-art faucets and taps.

Contact us now to learn more about designing custom showers in Sunrise, FL.